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You are at the heart of everything we do


I’m going to tell you about Sydney. She is a spunky, social butterfly who loves Harry Styles. She is an artist, athlete, and musician. Sydney is a young woman with an intellectual disability.

Because of you, CPARC is there to help Sydney…and so many other families that have a loved one with a disability.

“Life with Sydney is like running a race with hurdles,” mom, Tracy, says. “You get over one hurdle, only to see another one coming. But you get over it. Go to the next one. You get through it.”

Sydney’s family contacted us because they needed help. Sydney was about to enter her final year of high school. Planning discussions with the school weren’t going well. Tracy requested the help of an advocate. After many discussions, Sydney created a customized schedule with activities in and outside the classroom.

Sydney’s smile says it all.

Another CPARC success, Thanks to You!

Your gift goes right to work.