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About Us

Individuals and families need help – and that’s what CPARC is here to do.

Just 70 years ago, people with disabilities were living in institutional settings. At that time, the only option for parents of a child with a disability was to place their child in a state institution. Children and adults with disabilities were systematically denied educational opportunities, jobs, housing…rights that a person without a disability took for granted.

These facts drove a group of concerned parents to create CPARC in 1953. They wanted to offer an alternative to institutionalization for their children with special needs.

Now folks – like Bryan – are living their best lives in their community. “CPARC helps us grow and grow and grow, like a flower,” Bryan says.

Helping people live happy, healthy lives in the community drives CPARC’s work!


Over 100 residents live in CPARC Residential Services, which include apartments and group homes in Cumberland, Dauphin, and Perry Counties.

More than 40% of our residents are over the age of 60. As folks age, staff are there to help meet their health/safety needs and preserve their dignity

People with intellectual disabilities have a safe place to live at CPARC, and services that encourage them to grow.

You help people, like my son, feel self-sufficient,” one mother says.

Advocates help adults and families’ access community and school-based services at no charge. They work hard to ensure that individuals with disabilities have the same rights, opportunities, and privileges as people without disabilities.

Community Fusion connects adults to volunteer experiences they’re passionate about – like “Ani-meals.” This metal recycling project raises money for pet owners who struggle to care for their beloved companions.

Life Time Adult Day Care keeps older folks (who don’t require around-the-clock-care) active and safe. Folks like Anita enjoy daily activities that include musical performances, pet therapy, table games, and gardening.

The Center for Industrial Training helps folks – like Becky – develop vocational skills to secure a job. Becky’s an essential worker at Weis Markets who takes pride in delivering excellent customer service.

For more about CPARC, call (717) 249-2611.

CPARC adheres to a nondiscrimination policy.


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The mission of The Arc of Cumberland & Perry Counties (CPARC) is to empower, inspire, and educate people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, their families, and the community.