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When in Doubt, Point it Out!

CPARC is committed to full compliance with all applicable federal, state and local laws, regulations and requirements. Pursuant to this commitment, CPARC has established a Compliance Program to help maintain its financial and ethical integrity in billing as well as providing services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The Compliance Plan serves as a framework for the basic expectations and standards of conduct for personal and professional behavior. It is intended to provide a system of values to employees/volunteers/interns/vendors and other business relationships that will assist in activities and decision-making encountered every day.

No set of standards or written rules can substitute for the personal integrity, good judgment, and the common sense required in meeting these challenges.

This Compliance Plan cannot cover every situation that you may encounter and is not intended to be a comprehensive compilation of all CPARC practices and policies. When the best course of action is unclear, or if you observe a violation of these standards, you are required to seek the guidance of a manager/department head at CPARC, or report their compliance concern to the Compliance Officer.

Each person has the right to remain anonymous; however, that may prevent the Compliance Officer from completing a thorough investigation.

Every attempt will be made by the Compliance Officer to preserve the confidentiality of anyone submitting a report. Please understand, however, that circumstances may arise in which it is necessary or appropriate to disclose information. In such cases, disclosures will be on a “need to know” basis only.

It is CPARC’s policy that any action which is intended to intimidate, threaten, coerce, discriminate against, or take any other retaliatory action against any person for exercising his/her right(s) in good faith to report non-compliance will not be tolerated. This report should only be used for Compliance fraud and abuse questions/comments/concerns. All other issues should be handled by following the program specific grievance procedure.

Submit a Compliance Concern

CPARC'S Compliance Plan CPARC'S Privacy Practices

If you have questions about the Compliance Program or Code of Ethics, contact:

Amber Robinson
Human Resources Generalist/Compliance Officer
71 Ashland Avenue
Carlisle, PA 17013

Phone: (717) 249-2611
Fax: (717) 918-5743
Compliance Hotline: (717) 249-1781 ext. 165

Fradulent billing practices Follow your department policy on incident reporting for situations such as: abuse, neglect, medication error, misuse of individual’s funds, etc.
Falsification of internal records (e.g. documentation to support services billed)
Coding error or up-coding for apartment programs Follow your chain of command for grievance reports
Employing/doing business with an excluded person/entity For more information on any of the above contact your supervisor