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Autism Answers: A 3 Part Series!

Apr 22, 2021


This free 3-part series webinar for Autism Awareness Month in April will cover helpful topics geared for both children and adults on the Autism Spectrum.

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April is Autism Awareness Month and to educate and raise awareness for this month, CPARC’s Advocacy’s Talks! is hosting a 3 part virtual seminar mini series Autism Answers! that will include helpful topics geared for both children and adults on the Autism Spectrum featuring, Dr. Bruey, Program Supervisor of Autism Solutions.

Session 1: April 8th- Cognitive Behavior Interventions with Individuals on the Autism Spectrum

Session 2: April 15th- Teaching Coping Skills to Children and Adults with Autism Spectrum

Session 3: April 22nd-Surviving Puberty with Teenagers on the Autism Spectrum

*Each session is Thursday night from 6pm-8pm*


For each session completed a raffle will be held and a winner selected at the end for a Starbucks giftcard. Participate in all three sessions to be entered for a chance to win an Amazon gift card.

“Dr. Bruey has over 35 years of experience specializing in the treatment of individuals on the Autism Spectrum, their families, and service providers. Dr. Bruey is a licensed psychologist, certified school psychologist, and Board Certified Behavior Analyst. She has published extensively on topics relevant to effectively supporting individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Dr. Bruey’s continued passion for helping individuals on the Autism Spectrum has defined her life’s work.” -Autism Solutions

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