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You are at the heart of everything we do

Your support makes a difference in the life of someone like John.

A kind and quiet man, John’s deep laugh can brighten your day.

Until last fall, when he was struck down by a stroke, John lived in a CPARC apartment in Mechanicsburg. There he had housemates that he’s especially close to, and the privacy he craves.

Following the stroke, John was moved to a nursing home. As he waited for updates about his living arrangements, John sunk into a deep depression. His caregivers worried. “The sparkle had just left him,” they said.

Because of supporters like you, John’s team continued to fight for him.

When news of the COVID-19 crisis hit, it complicated things for John. He didn’t know what to expect. But what John did know was that he belonged at CPARC.

You could say that the stars aligned in late March when John moved into his new CPARC home where he gets round the clock care.

Now John is settling into the rhythm of life in his home in Harrisburg, which includes his much-loved mug of coffee in the morning.

Please make your gift today.