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You were there when life changed

Your gift is a promise that our folks deserve to live happy, healthy lives.

Evan is the first to tell you that he’s had enough of COVID-19. “I miss getting out of the house,” he sighs.

Stay-at-home orders kept Evan from work for months.

When the orders lifted, Evan was unable to return to his job (where he’d been for 17 years) due to pandemic related restrictions. Evan needed help.

It’s hard to imagine where to start the process of finding a new job…especially in the middle of a global pandemic!

Evan got the help he needed, because of supporters like you.

Evan met a job coach at our Center for Industrial Training.

Together, they updated his resume, explored job opportunities, and practiced interview skills.

Evan found a new job and is thriving in it – something he could never have imagined a year ago!

“A lot of things are different,” Evan says. “But I like it.”

Because of supporters like you, our folks will receive the individualized support that they need to thrive, both during the pandemic and after.

Please make your gift today.