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Cassie Hits Her Stride

From the moment Cassie first touched a horse, something just clicked.

“I put the harness on and brush the horses,” Cassie exclaims. “And I get to drive the horse cart.”

With your support, Cassie pursues her passion for horses.

At Shining Stars Therapeutic Riding Ministries, Cassie reads body language cues, develops self-confidence, and learns to work as a team with her equine partner. Cassie has impressed others with her ability to memorize patterns when driving the cart around the arena.

“She’s taken to it really quick. It was very obvious that she was a natural,” says Laura Strickler, a person who helps Cassie.

Your support helps Cassie achieve her goals, which include self-confidence, memorization and balance. Thank you!

“If you give someone the opportunity, you never know what they can learn from it,” says Laura, who has worked with horses for several years herself. “Horses are great teachers because they offer acceptance and patience.”

For those looking to try something new, like driving horse carts, Cassie’s advice is “do your best, and have fun!”