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Because of you, Amber’s confidence grows

A couple years ago, Amber, a trainee at the S. Wilson Pollock Center for Industrial Training (CIT), says she never would have had the courage to address a crowd. “I’ve always been a really shy person,” she chuckles.

But Amber confidently spoke to about 100 golfers at the 31st Annual Jack Busch Memorial Golf Tournament in July. In fact, Amber has “come a long way” since she first started working in the Sassy Gourmet Kitchen, says Tracy Chicoine, Food Service Coordinator and Amber’s supervisor.

“She was an introvert and had a difficult time with making eye contact and having simple conversations. Now, Amber is now very outgoing and is able to express her wants and needs without difficulty,” Tracy says.

Because of your support, CIT can offer job training and employment opportunities to individuals with disabilities. Thank you.

Amber was “excited” at the “unexpected honor” to speak at the golf tournament. She was very happy to be the CIT trainee selected to speak at the charity event.

In her address, Amber described her work responsibilities, which include making sandwiches for cadets and “shippers,” or those shipping out from the military base in Mechanicsburg. She also said that “everyone, no matter where they work, has challenges and successes that they go through.”

The support and encouragement Amber receives at CIT has empowered her to pursue other interests including taekwondo, where she holds a first-degree black belt. Amber is also certified to teach what she knows to elementary school students, including special needs students. Additionally, Amber plays violin, writes anime blogs and uploads video logs to YouTube about sports and exploring.

Reflecting on where she is now, Amber said that through her interests and support, she is a more confident person.

“If you would have seen me back then, you’d say, ‘Who is that?’” she said, laughing.