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We are #CPARCstrong

Anne Couldridge

Executive Director Anne Couldridge

Things are definitely different these days. 

Our day programs and vocational training center are temporarily closed. The GB Stuart Center is very quiet. However the administrative functions of the agency do not stop because of the pandemic.  Contracts and budgets need to be negotiated and reviewed, and we must stay up-to-date with legislation that impacts our mission.

The Board of Directors remains updated on our activities. Overall plans for CPARC must continue to move forward, so that we are prepared for the time when we can resume our normal operating activities. This all happens as we simultaneously wait for further instructions that impact our COVID-19 response plan.

But I am amazed by the resiliency of CPARC team members. 

Just like you, my family has been impacted. We are fortunate that my husband can work from home and take care of our son. We miss our other two sons and the rest of our family dearly. If it wasn’t for video chats and social media we wouldn’t get to see them.

Since we’ve been home-bound, I’ve been turning to things I used to do growing up…playing cards, doing puzzles and even Pick-Up sticks that I found in our closet. I’m delighted to have shared a card game with you through the power of social media. Let me know if you play it!

Recently, our son and his girlfriend asked us to download an app called House Party. We plan to connect with extended family to play trivia. My mother is a Jeopardy queen! Not sure if I can beat her. Wish me luck!