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Sandy has support because of you

Richard, Jennifer, and Sandy are family! Like a family, they share their interests and lives with each other.

“It really is a family here,” said Sam, a person who helps them.

There are age differences among the three residents. Richard is in his early 80’s. Jennifer and Sandy are in their mid-40’s to early 50’s. But everyone focuses on the similarities more than the differences.

Together, with your support, Richard, Jennifer and Sandy have become a family.

Richard, Jennifer & Sandy are friends and housemates who are part of a family at CPARC


Recently, Sandy came to live at the CPARC home in Mt Holly Springs. The transition went well, Sam says. “Sandy has just meshed with everyone else at the home.”

Sam adds, “She has found someone to chat with in Richard. She has common interests with Jennifer. This is helping her connect with others.”

Sandy watches Spongebob Squarepants with Jennifer. And, Gunsmoke is a favorite movie she watches with Richard.

Because Sandy and Richard are both retired, they spend more time at home. And they’ve become fast friends.

“It’s a fresh breath of air having their conversation fill the home,” Sam says. “Sometimes, it’s a language all their own.”