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You make the CPARC dream work

For all the challenges COVID-19 presented, there are MANY more successful, uplifting stories. We’d like to share some examples of how team members from different programs rallied together.

Some ‘eager’ to help

Michele White, who typically works at CIT as a Vocational Training Aide, was “eager to help.”

Throughout the quarantine, Michele was an invaluable help at our Churchtown home. She provided much needed help through the day.

“I wanted to experience working in a residential home,” she adds.

Individuals and staff in our homes followed stay-at-home orders during quarantine. CIT, Community Fusion, and Life Time were closed. These staff were furloughed or choose to fill in at our homes.

It was ‘the right thing to do’

Sally Slautterbach, who typically helps individuals find jobs at CIT, worked at our Marcel Drive home during the quarantine.

“I knew there was a need for some help and felt it was just the right thing to do,” she says. Sally brought her love of crafts and passion for writing cards to the home.

As you can imagine, our folks really missed their families. Writing to friends and family helped ease their sense of loneliness.

Not only did Sally find the whole experience “feel rewarding,” but she also got to know team members she’d never met before.

More want to ‘make a difference’

“I know we all are in different departments, but we want to be a part of something bigger than ourselves and want to be helpful to our community,” Tori Manning says.

Typically Tori works at Community Fusion-Carlisle where she helps our individuals connect with their community through engaging volunteer opportunities and fun outings. She swiftly stepped in at our Kim Acres home to help folks live their best every day life.

“I wanted to feel like I can make a difference during these times and be able to assist my coworkers and other individuals we serve,” Tori said.

You show what it means to be #CPARCstrong.