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With your help, Kathy is flourishing

The pandemic put Kathy through the ringer last year.

Life froze when COVID-19 hit. There were no outings with friends. And, visits to the gym at her nearby YMCA stopped.

What Kathy missed most was seeing her ‘honey-bun.’

“It was hard for me,” she says. I’m sure you can relate.

Life got tougher when Kathy’s employer laid her off.  After working there for 18-years, where would Kathy go?

Because of supporters like you, the Center for Industrial Training is here to help.

She got back to earning a paycheck at CIT, but Kathy knew something was missing. So she asked the CIT team to help her achieve a new goal:  to work in the community.

Kathy now has a job she loves at the Carlisle Walmart! This social butterfly loves helping customers in the grocery section.

“I like it,” Kathy says. “This job keeps me busy, and it’s nice to be able to work with some of my friends.”

If you see Kathy, make sure to say hello.