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We need your help!

Everyone’s been impacted by COVID-19, and people with disabilities need additional support to stay safe.

At the onset of COVID-19, providers across the state were assured enhanced funding to offset increased expenses.  Recently, we were told that this funding is no longer guaranteed.

Taking away critical funding designed to keep people with intellectual disabilities healthy is shocking!

CPARC provides day, employment, and residential programs, which are predominantly funded through Medicaid.

Our day programs and employment programs are temporarily closed.  They will remain closed until the Department of Human Services and the Office of Developmental Programs direct us to reopen.  Closing these programs has resulted in a significant loss of revenue.

Simultaneously, people living in our residential programs are home 24/7.   This has increased expenses in staff overtime, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and other supplies that help reduce the spread of the virus.

Here’s where we need YOUR help.

Contact Gov. Wolf’s office and your local legislators and tell them to ensure additional funding for ID/A services and supports are included in the state COVID-19 pandemic-related budget.

I urge you to make your voice heard! 

Here are Talking Points for Governor Wolf & Local Legislators and a Draft Letter for Gov. Office & Legislators that can help.