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You changed Sydney’s life

Your generous support helps change the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities – like Sydney Wilson.

Sydney is a spunky, social butterfly who loves Harry Styles. She is also an artist, athlete, and musician with Down syndrome. As Sydney entered her final year of high school, her family reached out to CPARC advocates. They needed help negotiating with Sydney’s care team.

“Life with Sydney is like running a race with hurdles,” says mom, Tracy. “You get over one hurdle only to see another one coming. But you get over it, go to the next one. You get through it.”

With the help of a CPARC advocate, Sydney customized activities in and outside the classroom. These steps helped make her final year of high school as fulfilling as possible.

Every day advocates work with people, like Sydney and Tracy. Advocates ensure that individuals with disabilities have the same rights, opportunities, and privileges as people without disabilities.