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Your support changes lives

With your support, our teams continue to help individuals with intellectual disabilities live happy, healthy lives. We couldn’t do this without you.

Kirk looks over a social story about social distancing.

As folks return to day programs or venture out into the community, their team members explain why face masks are important to use and how to wear a mask properly.

“Change is difficult for most people,” said Holly Turner, Director of Advocacy. “People with disabilities often have more issues with change.”

One super helpful resource are “social stories,” which use visual cues to explain all the changes COVID-19 has brought. The stories tell our folks about wearing masks, social distancing, and about other kinds of changes when you leave the home.

Holly says, “visual stories help individuals process those changes and prepare them for situations they may encounter.”

Our mission hasn’t wavered – and neither has your support!

Many of our folks – like Robin, who lives at our Montebello Home – had never worn a mask before.

Her care team members helped Robin select a mask that she likes. It was important that the mask wasn’t too scratchy or uncomfortable. They made sure the mask was in a color that she really likes, too!

JoEllen, a team member, knows that steps like this for folks like Robin are important. “It’s all about getting safely back into the community. When it’s the right time, she’ll be ready.”

Thank you for believing in people with disabilities.