DSP Recognition Week

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Your support paves the way

“It takes a village…”

High school students Hennessy and Sophia participated in CPARC’s Career Pathways program.

You know that it’s important to invest in this next generation of caregivers.

People like Hennessy and Sophia will continue to fight for people with disabilities.

Because of supporters like you, students have the opportunity to learn at CPARC.

Hennessy and Sophia are eager to apply what they’ve learned in their future careers.

Hennessy is looking at a career in Psychology.

“It takes a village,” she said, “to help individuals integrate into the community. And having this kind of background will be such a great help.”

Sophia, who plans to become a nurse, loved growing her empathy skills.

“There is nothing like experience,” she said. “I gained a much better appreciation for individuals with disabilities.”

She adds, “I wanted to be here with them every day!”

Your gift changes lives every day. Thank you.