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Family Education

Family Education services are free. These services help people that live with or love someone who has an intellectual or developmental disability.

Family Education

To help you on your journey is a Family Education Specialist, who provides information about regulatory & funding systems, legislative issues, and more.

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Seminars address the needs/interests of families, and depend on parent input. Previous topics include: estate planning, family relationships, Social Security, positive behavior support, autism and medical issues.

FASD awareness

Family Education works to increase awareness about Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder (FASD). Fetal alcohol exposure is the number one cause of intellectual and developmental disabilities, in addition to causing many medical issues for the child. FASD is 100% preventable. For more on FASD, contact Sunny at (717) 249-2611.

Support Group

Families can contact CPARC to form a parent support group. Staff recruit members, find a meeting location, and help organize the initial meeting. As the group evolves, staff involvement is reduced.