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Residential Services

With staff support, individuals with intellectual disabilities live independently in the community – not in an institution.

A unique plan of service is made for each individual. Staff encourage them to learn and develop independent skills in order to realize their potential. Staff help with meal preparation, medication management, budgeting skills, personal hygiene, etc.

Residential Services receives funding through Federal Waiver/Pennsylvania Department of Human Services, Cumberland/Perry MH/IDD, Dauphin County MH/IDD and the United Way of Carlisle and Cumberland County.

CPARC offers community living opportunities for adults with intellectual disabilities in Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin, and Perry counties. 

Group Homes

Individuals live together in a family setting with staff supervision up to 24 hours a day. Staff teaches daily living skills to individuals to help them become more independent. Activities include: meal preparation, laundry, shopping, cleaning, etc. A group home may also be the ideal setting for an older adult with intellectual disabilities who is no longer able to live a fully independent life.

Apartment Clusters

CPARC manages apartment buildings for adults with intellectual disabilities. Staff are present in these buildings, providing daily support and assistance in life skill areas as necessary.

Cluster Plus Program

This program operates in the same manner as cluster apartments with staff available in the same apartment complex to provide daily support. In addition, an evening meal is provided family style to assure nutrition and socialization.

Apartment Living

CPARC staff provides minimal support as needed to individuals who live in their own apartments in the community. These individuals have demonstrated the necessary skills to live independently with limited support from staff.

Community Support Programs

Individuals participating in community support programs are able to remain in their own home or with their family. The staff provides support and services as necessary, to ensure continued independence and to allow individuals to enjoy life in their community. These services occur on a pre-scheduled arrangement.