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Charlie’s Choices

Charlie, a man who is now in his 60’s, did not have choices growing up. You see, when Charlie was younger, he was taken from his foster mom and placed in an institution. There, Charlie did not have choices. What to eat, when to eat, what activities he wanted to do, when he wanted to go to bed, etc. was all decided by someone else.  In fact, he shared that often he was served cold food.

How would YOU feel not having any choices?

As Charlie grew up, he was moved to a different institution which he says was “better”. However, he still did not have the ability to make choices for himself.

Jump ahead several years. Charlie now lives in his own apartment in the community where CPARC staff provides minimal support as needed. He has learned to cook for himself (his favorite is pizza!) and found a job. And Charlie gets to make all of his own decision

Now, Charlie likes to share his story with others in the community and to advocate for others who have stories like his. He recently went to Messiah University, along with several others, to share with students HIS history, HIS challenges and HIS hopes for the future of people with intellectual disabilities.

I’m sure YOU can relate to how good YOU feel when making your own choices.


Charlie has recently made a major choice for himself in life … RETIREMENT! After working for several years at our S. Wilson Pollock Center for Industrial Training, Charlie has recently made the choice to retire at the end of May. He has been enjoying life full of HIS OWN choices…

…wouldn’t you?