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CPARC Celebration

Every day, individuals with disabilities work toward their goals. With the hard work of exceptional staff, these dreams can become realities. During the CPARC Celebration, these moments and outstanding moments are honored and brought to light for everyone to celebrate.

Congratulations to the 2020 winners!


Laurel F. Jacobs Achievement Award

This award is given to individuals in CPARC Programs who have overcome challenges, surmounted personal and/or professional difficulties and led a life that inspires others.

Zachary C.


Nancy Tuxford, Residential Director, and Zach’s support team nominated him for this award. They said he is a considerate person, advocate for his needs and hard worker at his job at Giant.

“Over the last year Zach has greatly improved his own quality of life by fiercely advocating for himself and in doing so has achieved amazing things,” Nancy said.

He has learned how to change a tire, how to perform CPR, conflict management, and takes care of the carts and bags groceries.

“Anyone who knows Zach would describe him as educated, a helper, an employee, an advocate, an over-achiever, a gentleman, a friend, a winner and a champion!”

Sara H.

Chrissy Adair and Tammy O’Hara nominated Sara for her compassionate nature as well as her drive and caring for others. Sara works at Salvation Army in Camp Hill and sets goals to put out racks of clothing for retail. She works hard to meet or exceed her goal.

She’s also thinking ahead and wants to do more.

“She took the initiative to begin collecting old bedding and towels donated to the Salvation that couldn’t be old and collected them for Speranza Animal Shelter for use in the dog kennels during the cold winter months,” they said.

Overall, they said Sara is very deserving of this award and is the “true definition of a caring and compassionate person.”

Rachel S.

Missy Youells, Program Specialist, nominated Rachel for her drive, her enthusiasm and her caring nature towards others.

“Rachel has had some changes in her life that could have kept her from being the wonderfully amazing woman that she is, but it has not,” Missy said.

She volunteers at Perry County Food Bank and Perry County Council of the Arts, and with her fellow members of Community Fusion, were recognized as 2019 Volunteers of the Year through the arts council.

“Community Fusion Shermans Dale is a better place because of Rachel,” Missy said.

Kristin D.

Laura Shaw, Program Specialist Manager, said Kristin was very successful in 2019/2020, obtaining competitive employment at Weis Market. She has adapted to her new schedule and is learning a variety of new jobs in addition to working at CIT.

“Since starting she has been commended by Weis for being able to demonstrate her knowledge of the job. She proudly wears her new Weis Market uniform,” Shaw said.


Luther S. Beers Distinguished Service Award

This award recognizes a dedicated person and/or community group who gives their time, talents or otherwise to help individuals in a CPARC program.

Lori Ellison

“This was a real surprise but I’m very happy,” Lori said about receiving her award.

Lori has organized gift tags and Angels donations through Lawrence Chevy and Cummins for over a decade, requesting 50 or more tags every year. These gifts go to individuals with limited incomes.

“I saw there was a need and I wanted to help fill it,” she said. “Everyone can use a little joy around the holidays.”

Holly Turner, Director of Advocacy, nominated Lori because of her work at Angels. She said that Lori is responsible for at least 600 gifts over the years.

“She has given so much joy to our folks,” Holly said. “She is wonderful.”


Corporate Citizenship Award

This award goes to a company or business that has made an impact on individuals in CPARC’s programs. This partner goes above and beyond to provide employment opportunities, volunteer experiences and increased independence to individuals with disabilities.

Karns Foods

Nancy Tuxford, Director of Residential Services, who nominated Karns said that the company is always “considerate and helpful and go the extra mile to accommodate our wishes.” This can range from helping CPARC folks in their shopping to helping with the annual picnic. Karns also nominated CPARC to be the recipient of ABC27’s Backyard BBQ segment and provided everything needed for a perfect dinner including hamburgers, hotdogs, salads, side dishes and more.

“Our staff and folks are always confident they will find what they want and it will be exactly what they want,” Nancy said.


Vincent “Jim” Gurreri Legacy Award

This award recognizes CPARC staff who show leadership, passion, dedication and commitment to our mission. This award goes to a direct support professional or first-level supervisor. Staff should help individuals create a meaningful life, advocating on their behalf and be creative with individualized supports.

Chrissy Adair

“It feels really good, actually. It’s good to know that my staff think so highly of me,” Adair said on her award. “I love my job and I love helping individuals meet their goals and helping them keep their independence. They are like family to me.”

Melissa Smith said that she was perfect for this award.

“She is awesome,” Smith said. “She really cares about the individuals and is caring, understanding and willing to help.” It wouldn’t be uncommon for her to do overtime and work at other homes when they needed help, she said.


The Extra Mile Team Award

This award goes to a team at CPARC which can include staff from one or multiple CPARC programs. Demonstrate how the CPARC team goes the extra mile and shoes cooperation and communications to help individuals lead a meaningful life. Explain how the team supports one another and works collaboratively to meet the needs of the individuals CPARC supports.

Green Street

Melissa Smith, who nominated Green Street, said the team “works together to overcome many obstacles” including being vital in the care for two individuals who had illnesses that resulted in being placed in rehabilitation facilities and continued their care.

“They offer an abundant amount of community and social activities and have the opportunity to interact with others in the community,” Smith said. “They support not only the individuals in their care but also one another and are an asset to CPARC.”


Russell W. Coe Philanthropic Leadership Award

A person, couple and/or family who shares their leadership, resources or financial support with CPARC. They are generous, committed and courageous in support of individuals with disabilities and our mission.

The Busch Family


Nancy Busch and the Busch family were nominated for their ongoing passionate support of CPARC as a whole and in particular, the Center for Industrial Training. They were nominated by Patrick Smith, Associate Director of Contract Services at CIT, and Denise Kintzer, an employee of the late Jack Busch and friend of the family.

“The Busch family has shown continuous support for CPARC and our mission for 30 years,” said Patrick Smith. “They are the type of family that helps CPARC be successful in our mission and is very deserving of this award.”

Among their work includes the Jack Busch Memorial Golf Classic, honoring the late Jack Busch, a charity golf event which has raised over $1 million for CIT since it began in 1988.

“Jack used his business resources to sponsor the first golf outing and it was a success in donations for CIT, plus everyone had a great time and still do today for this event,” said Denise Kintzer.

The family attends and volunteers at the event each year, which remains the largest CPARC fundraiser each year.