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Healthy Relationships Class


People with disabilities want what we all want and need:  Healthy Relationships! 

Building healthy relationships is a difficult task for anyone but can be even more difficult for someone who has not had education about their bodies or struggle to understand social constructs and interactions.  Our Healthy Relationships class strives to improve the knowledge and skills that people need to be safe and find social connection.

Healthy Relationships class is a 14 week intensive class for adults (18+) with disabilities.  The class is based on the Healthy Relationships Curriculum© ( and written by special education teachers and counselors.  Using evidenced-based techniques, the class covers Caring for My Body, Understanding My Body, and Relationship Development.

Attendance is of primary importance.  Class is held once per week for 14 weeks.  Classes are offered March-June and again July-October.  Class is limited to 10 students.  Class is free of charge. Students may retake the class dependent upon the number of new students registered.  There is typically a waitlist for each new class.

If you are interested in attending a class or want more information, contact Holly Turner or Tori Manning at 717-249-2611 or;