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A Hometown Hero

DUN- DUN, the recognizable opening credits of Law & Order boomed through the living room between the stir of the rest of the house. George was cozying up in his recliner by the window to watch his favorite show.


It was a regular day for -THUD- George got up to investigate the sound that came from near the window. Outside was the aftermath of a car accident. That’s when George went to get his staff Tamarah. He signed and gestured that she should follow him to the window.

“Eh!” George insisted.

When Tamarah got to the living room, George continued pointing out the window and that is when Tamarah saw there had been an accident involving her parked vehicle. She went outside to deal with the situation and make sure everyone was okay. You are probably thinking this seems like a pretty simple interaction, or accidents happen.

But did you notice that George communicates without words?

George has a developmental disability that impacts his ability to speak, but that doesn’t mean he has nothing to say. Because of George, Tamarah was able to make sure that no one was hurt and also exchange insurance information to get her vehicle repaired. George helps everyone in his home feel safe.

Now imagine how this day would have gone without George-

Would the driver have stopped or fled the scene thinking nobody saw them? Would Tamarah have her car totaled or be financially responsible for the repairs? What if someone had been seriously injured? Now imagine further still-

Were George’s actions any different from the actions you would have taken if you witnessed an accident?

George took action to protect the people around him and the community – the same as you would have done. You know what else he did? He dispelled many assumptions that people have about people with developmental disabilities. George is an active and engaged community member who is concerned for the safety of those around him.


All of this makes George a hero. And George can be a hero because he’s supported by you.

P.S. After hearing about George’s heroic deed, his legislator PA Representative Justin Fleming stopped by to celebrate George and present him with an award – a celebration that included cupcakes and Diet Coke!