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CPARC’s Healthy Relationship Course helped Rachel and Tristan grow their skills in finding social connections.

It all started last summer…

Tristan had been working really hard to prepare himself to be independent in life. He was advocating for himself, hoping to find a group home so he could start living independently from his mom, and also taking CPARC’s Healthy Relationship course to grow his skills in finding social connections. “I don’t want to live with my mom forever, but I don’t want to be alone,” said Tristan


When the pandemic hit, opportunities to meet new people fizzled away. But as everyone returned to the new normal, do you know who created a place for people to boogie again? YOU! With the generosity of people like you, CPARC’s quarterly dances came back in full swing in 2023!

So, when CPARC’s Advocacy department announced they would be hosting a Summer Dance Party, Tristan was ready to put everything he learned into action and meet someone. And he did.

Rachel and Tristan first met each other at the dance and exchanged phone numbers. After a month of texting, they went on their first date together, out for ice cream at Leo’s! And now, 9 months later, Tristan and Rachel are extremely happy in a relationship together.

“We are very healthy,” says Rachel. The young couple has lots in common – from video games to their love of animals – and importantly Rachel, who also took the Healthy Relationships course says “we respect each other and our boundaries.”

Building healthy relationships is a difficult task for anyone but can be even more difficult for someone who has not had education about their bodies or struggle to understand social constructs and interactions. This 14-week intensive class, which is based on the Healthy Relationships Curriculum© and written by special education teachers and counselors, strives to improve the knowledge and skills that people need to be safe and find social connection. Classes are offered twice a year and taught by CPARC Advocates that have taken additional trainings on the course and related topics.


CPARC’s Healthy Relationships class is only possible through your support! When you donate to CPARC you create the opportunity for more people to take this class, which could lead to new relationships.

Tristan and Rachel are an inspirational young couple. When asked about his girlfriend: “She has autism like I do… she’s cute, she is the perfect match for me,” said Tristan.

YOU bring people together. Your gift opens up opportunities for friendship, happiness and, in the case of Tristan and Rachel, love. Your support makes a BIG difference for so many in our community.

P.S. Thanks for being the best wingman! Your match-making doesn’t have to end if you support generously today.

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