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John is ‘hooked’ on a new hobby

Inquisitive and kind, John loves socializing and showing off his dance moves.

Now retired, after 14 years of cleaning at Messiah University, John lives in a CPARC home.

“He likes to talk and hear about other people and learn what they are into,” says Josh, a person who helps John. “And he really likes staying active.”

Your gift helps people like John.

When COVID-19 hit, social distancing and safety precautions prevented John from doing many of his favorite things (like bowling).

So Josh and his team set out to introduce John to new hobbies that would ensure his health and safety.

That’s how John discovered fishing.

John’s eyes light up and he can’t help but grin when he talks about pulling his first fish out of the water.

“I was like, here fishy fishy fishy,” John said, giggling.

Your support makes moments like this possible…every day.

Next year, John & Josh are planning to move beyond the lakeside pier at Gifford Pinchot State Park. They are looking into a day trip to fish on a boat. Something they are very excited about!