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Planning for Nancy’s Future

Imagine you received the mail and found a small note with unsteady handwriting that read:

“Praying that CPARC will take care of our daughter when we pass.”

[Pictured: Nancy (center) with her family]

That’s exactly the note that Dorothy, an 84-year old mother, who was urgently trying to find long-term stability for her daughter Nancy, sent to CPARC two years ago. What would you do if you were an elderly caregiver trying to plan for your child’s well-being for the time you are no longer on this earth? While CPARC wanted to assist Nancy, staffing shortages made it impossible.

You know who was there for Dorothy? YOU! With the generosity of people like you, Dorothy was able to receive free assistance from a CPARC advocate.

The advocate learned more about the concerns facing Dorothy and Nancy. It seemed Nancy was already living with a Life Sharing family. However, the Life Sharing family was also aging and their ability to provide quality care to Nancy was declining. Nancy lost weight and was not getting to her community activities that she enjoyed.

“I would not have known a lot of what was going on if it was not for her.”

The advocate then assisted the family in having conversations with the caseworker to discuss all of the residential options available to Nancy.

“It means a lot to us because she helped and told me a lot I did not understand or know before.”

It took two years before Nancy found the support she needed – but with your support a CPARC advocate remained with Dorothy and Nancy throughout this time and every step of the way during the transition to Nancy’s new home!

These days, Nancy is doing a lot better because of your support. She’s returned to a healthy weight and has been participating in her community – especially her favorite activity, shopping!

“When she came to see us, we could see how different she is. Nancy cannot correspond with us as she does not talk. I believe she is happy where she is at.”

Sadly, Dorothy’s situation is one of many that continue to happen as elderly caregivers face their mortality and as staffing shortages limit the availability of services.


YOU can help ensure families like Dorothy and Nancy can have some support during these challenging times. Your gift gives comfort, support, stability, and hope. Your support makes a BIG difference for so many in our community.