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Bryan & Joy: Coaster Fanatics!

“Bryan thoroughly enjoyed himself! We even rode it a second time,” exclaims Joy, a direct support professional (DSP) in the Residential program at CPARC.Bryan

Bryan’s ear-to-ear smile tells a story of freedom and wonder, which is only possible because of your support.

Bryan and Joy make the trek to Hershey Park every year to experience the thrill of hurtling down the rails, whipping around corners, and screaming wildly. “We share a love of roller coasters,” Joy laughs.

However, not every ride is accessible to Bryan who gracefully steers his way through life in a wheelchair. In fact, until this summer, the Trailblazer roller coaster at Hershey Park was not accessible to folks in a wheelchair. So Bryan and Joy would ride all the other 12 roller coasters at the park.

“We were pleasantly surprised,” Joy says, “to find a wheelchair lift on the Trailblazer this summer.”

Your gift makes moments like this possible for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities every day.