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Liz celebrates every holiday in style

No matter the holiday, for Liz, it means one thing; it’s time to decorate!!

“The window decorations are my favorite,” she smiles.

Liz loves to celebrate the holidays. It’s her belief that every holiday deserves vibrant decorations.

Her collection includes window decorations, collectibles, and Christmas trees.

Because of supporters like you, folks – like Liz – have the confidence to express their creativity!

“She has loved to decorate for as long as I remember,” says Clarissa, a person who helps Liz.

Recently she’s added towering inflatables. “Liz loves seeing blow-ups in the yard,” Clarissa smiles.

Liz’s personality and interests shine through in her choice of decorations.

You see, Liz is a HUGE fan of horror films. And, she loves vampires and scary clowns.

“They aren’t scary,” Liz laughs.

Her favorite horror character is Pennywise the Clown. He even made an appearance on her birthday cake.

As you can imagine, holiday decorations are a welcome distraction.

Typically, Liz attends a day program. She loves getting banana milkshakes at Dairy Queen. But, because of the pandemic, Liz hasn’t been able to get out as much.

Every holiday is a new opportunity for Liz to grow her collection. Now, she’s eyeing up inflatables for Thanksgiving and Independence Day.

“I’m sure her collection will continue to grow,” Clarissa adds.